Saving Small Business Owners Money!

Orange and Rockland Utility is now offering substantial funding to help your business go green. Typical savings in energy and money are between 60-85%. New technology will give you increased and higher quality light at lower costs.

The process begins with a FREE no-obligation Energy Audit of your lighting, refrigeration and air conditioning system. Contact us today and start saving: click here

Lower Energy Bills

A typical small business will save between 70-90% off the lighting portion of their electric bill. In addition other HVAC measures can lower bills an additional 40-50%.

Here is an example: A business called "Joe's Pizza" has 20 light fixtures. Each fixture has 4, 8 foot T12 light bulbs (we call them Lamps) in them and an old magnetic ballast. By retrofitting those fixtures to each use 2 T8 Lamps, an Energy Saving Electronic Ballast and a Reflector Joe's will save $3875 per year. If Joe were to call an electrician on his own to do the retrofit it would cost him more than $3000. However by calling ENVEN and using the availble incentives we set Joe up with he only pays a few hundred dollars total.

Free Audit

A certified energy surveyor will come to your business and perform a detailed energy audit. Using a discriminator, light meter and other tools he will collect energy usage data. The information is put into software written with the utility companies and New York State and makes your business recommendations.

The report you will receive by ENVEN will show you what your current power demand is, what we can get you to by installing energy saving measures, how much (if anything) the job will cost, what incentives are available to you from the utility company (typically 60-90% of the cost!), what your yearly savings will be and most importantly your ROI!