Central Hudson Savings Central

ENVEN has a partnership with Vieth Electric, a Central Hudson Trade Ally to bring your small business energy and money savings.

“The Business Energy SavingsCentral program is for non-residential customers of Central Hudson with average monthly electric demand of less than 350 kilowatts. This includes business offices, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, local governments, non-profits, private and public institutions, and healthcare facilities.

The program offers an energy assessment, a report detailing where efficiency measures can produce the most savings, the cost and payback period for the upgrade, and rebates up to 70 percent of the equipment cost of the upgrade. Eligible measures may include:

Lighting measures involving several different fixture types, including pin-base CFL lamps, LED exit signs and refrigerator case lighting, 4-foot and 8-foot T8 and T5 lamps, T8 relamp / reballast, super T-8 fixtures, high-bay fluorescent fixtures, pulse-start metal halides (indoor/outdoor), occupancy sensing (wall-mount and ceiling-mount) and daylight-dimming controls.” – savingscentral.com

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